Internal medicine practitioners

New York




Business Name
1 Family Health Ctr-Ocean Pkwy7182664800
21 Century Radiology & Imaging7188915300
2241 Medical Testing Corp7189986800
2324 Beverly Medical Offices7184625275
A Advanced Medical Care7183727666
A Amerimed Physician7183393100
A C Goldfeder MD7182405353
A Ketusgbo MD7186046000
A L Mestel MD7184446644
A Saul Greenberg MD Facc7186922400
A&L Medical Services P C7183689307
Aaacap Adult & Adolesent Cnsl7187885005
Aaron H Berger MD7182524354
Abady Charles Dr Opmtrst7183820263
Abaid Joseph N Dr Podiatrist7184992221
Abraham Jelin MD7182406453
Adam B Pass MD7188361779
Advanced Dermatology Ctr7188379004
Advanced Family Medical Care7182539110
Advanced MRA Imaging Assoc7188538394
Advanced Pain Care Ctr7183322111
Advanced Pediatric Care7183391238
Afrodita Strumingher MD7185995272
Ahmed Masum MD7183484342
Ailian Chen MD7182582655
Alan Brickman MD7184369898
Alan F Lyon MD7182405753
Alan Hertz MD7182702458
Alan J Sonsky MD7189966600
Alan M Crystal MD7184352000
Alan Rothberger MD7184210047
Alan Sickles MD7186305050
Alan W Berger MD7188514500
Alberto L Cayton MD7188378666
Aldo Mazzarino MD7187450771
Alexander Berenblit MD7184376500
Alexander Golberg Physician PC7183325424
Alexander Heisman MD7184491705
Alexander M Bunatin MD7182652222
Alexey Isakov MD7186161626
Ali Sabrkesh MD7189654320
All City Family Healthcare Ctr7183324409
All Island Allergy Medical7183361015
Allen L Lee MD7187481320
Alme Dahan MD7187787272
Almoudarres Maher Physician7188335886
Alpha K Family Med Practice PC7187781600
Alvin H Kane MD7188914411
Alvin Rudorfer MD7187431234
Amin Deepak MD7187351719
Amy Batterman MD7183773740
Andes Roter Jager MD LLP7185314141
Andreas Koutras MD7186802888
Andrew J Tashjian MD7187685100
Anesthesia Business Conslnt7184384331
Angel E Delacruz MD7187451156
Ann Arthur MD7182405607
Ann Marie Kiltinen MD7183361810
Anna Berenstein MD7187697330
Anna M Krol MD7186464282
Anna Marinovich MD7187437877
Anne Potash MD7182524375
Anne S Kastor MD7187588920
Anthony J Moretti MD7187452442
Anthony J Sarro MD7182413417
Antonio E Alfonso MD7188753244
Antonio F Chua MD7189638781
Antonio V Mascatello MD7186221104
Ari L Weitzner MD7182364334
Arkady Levinsky MD7183826650
Arkady Sheinin MD7182840041
Arnold I Silverberg MD7182836200
Arnold Lipton MD7187825858
Arnold M Strashun MD7182453692
Arnold S Packer DO7183732700
Arthur H Wolintz MD7188547360
Artienda & Schneider Med Assoc7183313140
Aryeh L Pollack MD7184369554
Asa P Ruskin MD7186045341
Asha Dua MD7182514878
Associates In Ob/Gyn Care PC7183762220
Asthma Center-Excellence7182704247
Atlantic Medical Care Assoc7183324353
Atlantis Medical Ctr7182374067
August A Feola MD7185315111
Augusta Alba MD7186478510
Austin Moore MD7188551666
Ave X Medical Arts Complex7183766500
Avidah Rudberg MD7189347800
Ayse Aytaman MD7186303719
Aza Brokers Inc7187694455
B Majid Shaher MD7187582220
B Nuli MD7182508992
Banu Lokhandwala MD7187801707
Bard & Shvarts7184368118
Baroukh Kodsi MD PC7188516767
Barry A Cohen MD7189341222
Barry D Krane MD7187881919
Barry J Buls MD7183777676
Barry S Rand MD7186250098
Barry Savits MD7188324992
Bassam N Aldaia MD7188361598
Bay Park Medical7186215399
Bay Parkway Medical7182340009
Bay Ridge Endoscopy Health Ctr7187453528
Bay Ridge Medical Imaging7187591923
Bay Ridge Orthopedic Assoc7182382661
Bay Ridge Pediatric Adolescent7189210074
Bay Ridge Pulmonary Assoc7187481023
Bay Ridge Pulmonary Associates7187488282
Bay Ridge Urology Assoc7188375100
Bayridge Flushing Physical Med7187484747
Beatrice A Spinelli MD7182566645
Bedford Medical Family Health7183877628
Bedford Medical Family Health7182186089
Ben Preminger MD7188518351
Benjamin Bukholts MD7183322001
Benjamin C Lifshitz MD7188568600
Benson Hurst Medical Assoc7182597700
Benson Medical7182364970
Bergman H MD PC7186770300
Bernard Goldblatt MD7182327877
Bhim Nangia MD7189653029
Bigajer & Tracer7183779011
Bing Lu MD7182837074
Bklyn Childrens Psychiatric7187736322
BMS Brownsville Multi Svc7183455000
Boris Mazurov MD7187149022
Boris Peysin MD7182345100
Boropark Obstetrics Gynecology7183882700
Branda Shrivastava MD7182405630
Brighton Medical Group7183683170
Brook Island Medical Assoc7182651288
Brook Island Medical Assoc7186805252
Brook Orthopedic Assoc7182405441
Brook Plaza Ophthalmology7189688700
Brook-Island Medical Assoc7183728050
Brook-Island Pediatrics Group7183766600
Brookdale Family Care Ctr7182408950
Brookdale Family Care Ctr7182408800
Brookdale Hospital7182405378
Brookdale Hospital7182405938
Brookdale Hospital Med Ctr7182402034
Brookdale Medical Ctr-Radiolog7182405401
Brookdale Unvrsty Hosp Med7182406151
Brooklyn Endocrine Diabetes7189516495
Brooklyn Family Medical Assocs7183316600
Brooklyn Family Medical Care7187833919
Brooklyn Fertility Ctr7182585880
Brooklyn Garant Svc Inc7187688285
Brooklyn Hospital Ctr7184911400
Brooklyn Medical Scanning PC7188912727
Brooklyn Nephrology Group Inc7187836860
Brooklyn Neurological Assoc7182520940
Brooklyn Neurology Group7187830900
Brooklyn Nuclear Medical Svcs7188540515
Brooklyn Ob Gyn Assoc LLP7184888600
Brooklyn Plastic Surgery7182837022
Brooklyn Plastic Surgery Ctr7183986400
Brooklyn Plaza Medical Ctr7185969800
Brooklyn Spine & Arthritis Ctr7187803104
Brooklyn Vein Laser Ctr7188339456
Brooklyn Women's Healthcare7182381276
Brooklyn Women's Svc7187481234
Brooklyn Womens Healthcare7188525810
Brooks Medical Clinic7182410182
Burdick Associates7185962900
Bushwick Health Ctr7189191200
Calidoan Hospital7189405288
Camarsie Family Medical Prctc7182409015
Camille Phillippe MD7188585088
Canarsie Community Dental7186495678
Canarsie Medical7189682840
Cardinal Management Corp7189724004
Cardio Vascular Imaging7183755562
Cardiology Assoc Brooklyn PC7188714600
Cardiology Associates7182821078
Cardiothoracic Surgical Assoc7182837686
Carl D'Anna MD7189460087
Carline Harris MD7188347663
Carmen G Cardona MD7184926952
Carmen G Co MD7187880088
Catalina Rosca-Sipot MD7187691600
Caton Urologists PC7189342525
Center For Orthopedics7188512663
Center For Rehab & Sports Med7184910900
Center For Surgery7189964400
Central Brooklyn Medical Ctr7188264092
Central Brooklyn Medical Group7182402000
Central Brooklyn Medical Group7184392126
Central Brooklyn Medical Group7186153200
Central Brooklyn Medical Group7186044800
Central Brooklyn Medical Grp7182402048
Chadi Cardiology PC7184694222
Charles A Fleischmann MD7183894841
Charles Hinz DO7183841834
Charles L Harewood MD7188360400
Charles M Bigajer MD7182406385
Charles M Plotz MD7186244545
Cheng Kai Yu MD7189413990
Chennareddy Swaminathan MD7189402405
Chi Pui Cheung MD7186279080
Child House7187687284
Childrens Medical Svc PC7187457442
Choon S Shin MD7186925315
Choon S Shin MD7189650606
Citi Medical Of Canarsie7182098002
City Wide Health Facility Inc7182596600
Clara Markovits MD7187886126
Clarkson Medical Office7189417918
Clinton Walk-In Medical7187975100
Community Medical Care7182343344
Community Radiation Oncology7183771222
Comprehensive Breast Care7189213800
Comprehensive Pediatrics7182366994
Comprehensive Radiotherapy Svc7188362200
Concepcion Tan MD7187698305
Conchita H Te MD7189638184
Concilium Medical PC7183323555
Continental Medical Group7182529100
Contristano & Goldberg7189517127
Cynara Coomer MD7182228022
Cynthia G Boakye MD7182607501
Cyrus O Mc Calla MD7182702072
Cyrus Wolfman MD7182405678
D Sperling DDS7183896666
Daed Nokari MD PC7186301119
Dai-Sun Choe MD7182386116
Dale Blackstock MD7182702050
Daniel A Langone MD7188363456
Daniel Charnoff MD7186455000
Daniel Wilen MD7182386518
David Binder MD7182666464
David D Yoo MD7182773428
David G Inwood MD7186255362
David Hurwitz MD7187565959
David Neuman MD9175591800
David Soltanpur MD7184227686
Dean Martin MD7189682059
Deborah A Silberman MD7183323030
Deborah R Frank-Byrnes MD7187885050
Deborah Silberman MD7189220144
Demczuk & Pawlik7183834555
Department Of Surgery7189638785
Deporto Robert DO7183985705
Dept Of Digestive Diseases7182701112
Dept Of Medicine7189637585
Der Cheng Tsung MD7184364781
Developmental Center7182831900
Diagnostic Holter Monitoring7186924848
Diagnostic Radiology Ctr7187805870
Diamond Medical Assoc PC7186278700
Dimas Medical Care PC7183330015
Dina Liberman MD7183683889
Diogenes Almonte MD7183888400
Doctors Cardiac Rehab7182521468
Doctors Medical Diet Ctr7184363111
Doctors Physicians Beth Israel7182668600
Dolly Manvar MD7182723361
Dolores Martinez MD7184394888
Don Bandari MD7187870400
Doshi Diagnostic Imaging Svc7184443777
Douglas H Greenfield MD7187630080
Dov Seidenfeld Pediatric7184358300
Dove Pediatrics7182877371
Down State Ob/Gyn7187712992
Downstate Pediatric Assoc7182701090
Dr Card Svc Inc7184691327
Dr Charles Ptak7183830933
Dr Michael Haniotis7183320448
Dr Parks's Comprehensive Pain7187453310
Dr Tax Bookeeping & Tax Svces7185662450
DST Of Brooklyn7184399620
Dutsi Behm MD7184388585
Dwiref Mehta MD7184996644
E Genis MD7183760400
E J Vincent MD7184936968
E P Perlmutter MD7184360037
Earl Ellis MD7182824412
Eastern Medical Group7187716133
Edmund Kessler MD7188324661
Edward Golembe MD7183386848
Edward Novak MD7184355830
Edward V Salerno MD7188217170
Eighth Avenue Ophthalmology7184379282
Eitel Providence MD7182844423
El Noel7184693377
Eliot P Schuster MD7188572975
Eliot Zimbalist MD7189215548
Elizabeth Szilagyi MD7187145200
Ellen Pan Opthalmology7182568323
Elliot Schwartz MD7186776448
Elliott Bondi MD7189511845
Elm Urology7183822214
Eman Al-Janabi MD7186301300
Emibdio Bucobo MD7186430298
Empire Medical Diagnostic7189534000
Empire Medical Group PC7188273110
Ent & Allergy Assoc7187485225
Ent Associates7185967932
Eric I Saltzman MD7182405432
Eric Kenworthy MD7188753070
Eric M Krauss MD7182357100
Ernest Alleyne MD7188571112
Erol Onal MD7186422424
Esther Baldinger MD7182321570
Esther Reich MD7187731122
Etta G Bird MD7188715522
Excelsior Medical Group Inc7184342900
Express Surgical Supplies7186452161
Eye Care Ctr7187630100
Eye Care Ctr7189346600
Eye Physicians & Surgeons7188341976
F B Khan MD7187450342
Faculty Practice7182506921
Falka U Abaci MD7182380433
Family Health Assoc7182366177
Family Health Care7184395111
Family Health Ctr7188512323
Family Medical Practice7186368291
Family Medicine Practice LLC7183361647
Family Practice7184553000
Faraj Gadee MD7183759900
Faraj Motahedeh MD7182524466
Fayez Guirguis MD7186808383
Ferdinand A Garofalo MD7188365379
Fernand F Theogene Family Med7183637954
Fertility & Hormone Ctr-Ny7182372727
Fifth Ave Vascular Imaging7184991010
First Medicare7182577777
Flatbush Family Medicine7188323131
Flatbush Medical7188563100
Flatbush Medical Services7183384293
Flynn J Delaney MD7182837317
Frances R H Minkowitz MD7184698395
Francis E Florio MD7182381818
Francois Brutus MD7189407875
Frank A Colella MD7188333836
Frank Di Pillo MD7187801555
Frank Folk MD7183636600
Frank J Lacqua MD7186806604
Frank P Vaccarino MD7186460839
Fred E Notarnicola MD7182348111
Gabriel Adrien MD7188262488
Gabriel Spergel MD7188533702
GAL United Management Inc7189963682
Gary De Angelis MD7182561570
Gary Gorodokin MD7187438668
Gary Kimmel MD7188329488
Gary Pepper MD7182406391
Gasstro-Biliay Assoc7189680154
George Ferzli MD7184910567
George G Gusset MD7187699595
George J Rezk MD7187458269
George Solish MD7182518757
Gerald J Farber MD7183367173
Gettenberg Gary Mdd7183390391
Gilani Medical Ctr7184391114
Gilbert Wise MD7182837742
Gladstone E King MD7188573636
Gleenwood Medical Ctr7185315807
Glendale Dermatology7182414442
Global Medical Evaluation7183682734
Gloria Fleming MD7182701681
Grace Dworan MD7184914334
Grand Family Immediate Medical7182188357
Grand Street Medical7189630555
Greenpoint Doctors Inc7183491221
Grigoriy Goldenberg MD7189347264
Grigory Pogrebinsky MD7183322267
H Patrice Geoffroy MD7182414621
Hamid Lalani MD7184365731
Hani Habib Habib MD7185642300
Harmesh K Mittal MD7183725500
Harold Eichler MD7187457676
Harold Kerolle PC7184342992
Harris Gallousis Berkman7189213448
Harris J Kleeman MD7183756969
Harry G Demeo MD7187450623
Harry Sergiou MD7186255591
Harvey Bluth MD7182527070
Harvey D Goodson MD7182581700
Harvey Mermelstein MD7186867128
Healthmax Medical7187141212
Heat Doctor7185997070
Hematology & Medical Oncology7189211672
Hematology Oncology Clinic7186163183
Henry Chalfin MD7183384800
Henry K Cioczek MD7184350778
Henry Moskowitz MD7182716500
Herbert E Lehman MD7182837952
Herbert Okun MD7182416767
Herman I Rosenberg MD7183322211
Herman Tessler MD7183769494
Herman Urbano MD7183882262
Hewes Street Medical Group7187973677
Hilary E Baldwin MD7187973340
HIP Health Plan Of New York7186153431
Hiram Cortes MD7183693555
Hong Kim MD7182406234
Hooper Medical Ctr7184867116
Hooshang Barzegar MD7189983500
Howard Levine MD7184446500
Howard Menikoff MD7183381313
Howard Minkoff MD7182837048
Howard Newhouse MD7183383200
Hua Chin Chen MD7187631636
I Tara Alqaisi MD7189219322
Ideal Medicine PC7187438900
Igor Priven MD7188918790
Ilina Medical Care PC7183683698
Ilona Genis MD7183332020
Ilya Bialik MD7187803261
Interfaith Medical Ctr7185221882
Interfaith Medical Ctr-St John7186046415
Ira E Mayer MD7188910100
Ira Hollander MD7183320006
Irina Nelipovich MD7183360881
Irving G Kroop MD7186389305
Irving G Kroop MD7184625346
Isaac Barr MD7186924417
Isaac Madeb MD7183396641
Isidore M Goodman MD7183880457
Island Musculoskeletal Care7183323600
Island Rehabilitative Svc7184371594
Israel Samuelly DO7182821981
Ivan Lebovits MD7184367447
Izak Herschitz MD7183321777
J K Patel MD7182587019
Jack Hellman MD7188539600
Jack I Apelbaum MD7185315800
Jackson A Omene MD7188583670
Jacob Firestone MD7183777928
Jacob L Ackerman MD7182405788
Jacob Rosenbaum MD7182364186
Jacob Schachter MD7189722277
Jacques Hyacinthe MD7182847400
Jae Y Lee MD7188321122
Jaitley & Assoc Inc7182365666
Jaitly & Assoc7182364444
James Ducey MD7182405975
James E Cottrell MD7182703070
James Gough MD7182820170
James Kavoussi MD7188371919
James Mc Groarty MD7185966800
James Owens DPM7184912250
James R Peri MD7183723086
Jan Scheffs MD7183836600
Janlian Medical Group7186868888
Jasty & Manvar7187837001
Javid Yadegar MD7186364551
Jay A Grotas MD7187430101
Jayant R Patel MD7186289555
Jazrawi & Atallah7182388300
Jeal R Adrien MD7183463535
Jean Guy Valcourt MD7188591818
Jean R Adrien MD7187789046
Jean-Pierre Farcy MD7185348933
Jeanne E Fenner MD7188576459
Jeffrey Freedman MD7185969086
Jeffrey Frieling MD7182094439
Jeffrey Goldberg MD7186338183
Jeffrey Rubin MD7183396622
Jeffrey S Frieling MD7187454465
Jeffrey S Gamss MD7186921198
Jeffrey Vorsanger MD7186467878
Jerome Wildes MD7186210042
Jerry Bloom MD7182405818
Jian Nian Community Medical7183391987
Jody M L Tutino MD7186362050
Joel I Albert MD7188333700
John Capotorto MD7182268004
John D Babb MD7187831616
John Forsch MD7182405661
John G Hunter MD7187681730
John J De Luca MD7187453320
John P Brennan MD7182223636
Jon D Kirwin MD7182701035
Jonathan Hirsch MD7183761525
Joon J Bang MD7187681264
Jorge Sastre MD7188362199
Jose Concepcion MD7184690415
Joseph Blok MD7182405431
Joseph E Onah MD7184387788
Joseph Gelbfish MD7189510100
Joseph Husney MD7189341234
Joseph Kohn MD7188554900
Joseph Osho MD7182406244
Joseph Osho MD7182725259
Joseph Paul MD7188578874
Joseph Siggillino MD7183690336
Joseph Slomowits MD7188518400
Joseph Sturm MD7182375600
Jubil Malieckal MD7187897100
Julien Elizee MD7189534653
Kadirawel Iswara MD7186150400
Kam Poon MD7187879067
Kamal Ahmed MD7182385183
Kang S Liu MD7186242776
Kenneth I Glassberg MD7182701958
Kesler Dalmacy MD7184345345
Ki Ho Moon MD7189653393
King's Optical Ctr7183889500
Kings County Hosp-Anesthesia7182454409
Kings County Hospital Clinic7182453446
Kings County Hospital Ctr7182452300
Kings Highway7186925362
Kings Highway Orthopedic Assoc7182582588
Kings Highway Womens Care7189987751
Kings Medical Care Pro Corp7182321492
Kings Plaza Medical Ctr7189516187
Kings Pulmonary Assoc7182523590
Kingsboro Medical Group PC7182842323
Kingsboro Medical Grp-Coney Is7186153267
Kingsborough Medical Arts7188751144
Kingsway Diagnostic Imaging7187581500
Kliot & Rubin MD PC7186931011
Knickerbocker Medical Ctr7184561900
Kodespa Inc7182211894
Konstantino Koutros MD7187450707
Laith Jazrawi MD7186807929
Leonard Genovese MD7188375685
Leonard Pace MD7182591444
Leonda Garcia MD7182405310
Lyubov P Gorodin MD7184340300
M Elizabeth Garcia MD7182389200
Margaret C Golden MD7182702132
Michael Fuchs MD7188534200
Michael Geraghty MD7188523030
Michael Koegel MD7188593499
Michael Teplitsky MD7187690997
Milton Grunzweig MD7182405984
Ming Huang MD7187803882
Mohammed A Islam MD7184442149
Monogram Medical PC7189346661
Moosa Nejat MD7189341200
Morton M Golden MD7188756616
Moshe Katzenelenbogen MD7186461422
Moshe Steier MD7184359219
MRI Associates Of Brooklyn7183320545
Multicare Transportation7188329624
Mundae Corp7185953600
Myrta Daniel MD7184937363
Nabil Raoof MD7186429855
Naftoli Neuburger MD7184389333
Naji Abi Shahin MD7187450003
Natalya Kofman DO7183761325
Naum D Tsynman MD7183320062
Naveed Ahmad MD7184981220
Naveen Goyal MD7184975800
Neal Ringel MD7184384004
Neal Rosenblum MD7184216430
Neekianund Khulpateea MD7182837370
Neil C Feinstein MD7184351800
Nejat Caginalp MD7183863304
Nelly M Bardman MD7186225100
Nephro Care7187716961
Nephrology Associates7183722122
Nephrology Associates-Brooklyn7182384980
Neuro Rehabilitation Med PC7182577970
Neuro Rehabilitation Svc7183683494
Neurological Assoc-Brookdale7182099639
New Lots Medical Ctr7182722721
New Medical Bedford7183683333
New York City Ophthalmology7188751744
New York Ctr-Ears Nose Throat7187451701
New York Headache Ctr7189359666
New York Laser Eye LLP7188322020
New York Neurosurgery Assoc7186393455
New York Physician Hse Call PC7186457474
Next Door Medical PC7184984420
Nicholas Parlamis MD7188368171
Niranjan Shah MD7183262823
Nirmala F Patel MD7188552289
Nissar Shaikh MD7187713221
Noble Med Assoc Inc7183499599
Noor Rajpar MD7184392000
Nora Smith MD7182562700
Nora V Bergasa MD7182701573
Norman B Levy MD7186936280
Norman Bakshandeh MD7182460130
North Eastern Network7183988000
Northside Medical Care7183834600
Nostrand Medical Ctr7188266668
Ny Medical Assoc7183720500
Ny Meds7183847555
Ny Methodist Faculty Practice7182468614
Ny Pro Care Medical & Rehab7186776324
Ny Urogynecology7188369579
NYM Medical Assoc7186777680
Nyu Medical Ctr Primary7182304276
Ocean Hill Medical Assoc7184981600
ODA Primary Care Health7183843475
Oder Preis MD7183394919
Oleg Davie MD7187435616
Olga Tseyko MD7189467967
Omega Diagnostic Imaging7183321999
Onyekachi Ifudu MD7182701394
Ophthalmology Assoc-Bay RIDGE7186801500
Orit Beitner MD7182588877
Orkin & Wachtel7182571500
Orthopaedic Care & Surgery7186920949
Orthopedic Surgical Conslnts7182385565
Otolaryngology Facial Plastic7188330515
Ovington Medical Assoc PC7182382625
P Anthony Azar MD7184362600
P Kokolis MD7186802545
Pain Center Of Boro Park7184356441
Pain Management Ctr7187805607
Panamerican Medical Svc PC7183859180
Paramount Medical & Diagnostic7183316644
Park Avenue Trauma Assoc7186259911
Park Slope Anesthesia Assoc7187803279
Park Slope Cardiac Diagnostic7187894332
Parkway Medical & Surgical Car7183987288
Parkway Medical Group7186131600
Parkway Medical Group7184433800
Parkway Pain Care & Rehab7189416000
Parkway Scanning Inc7186464488
Partha P Chatterjee MD7182066000
Pasquale Scotti MD7189632383
Paul Beck MD7182405977
Paul Harris MD7182701866
Paul Nacier MD7189406166
Pedia Care7183766425
Pediatric & Adolescent Med7184356700
Pediatric Cardiology7182405857
Pediatric Cardiology Assoc7182506074
Pediatric Medical Office7183732500
Pediatric Services7184913004
Pediatric Urology Assoc7182837743
Pediatrics Private Practice7187801450
Pedro Saye MD7186492490
Peggy Ann Garjian MD7182384158
Penina Bernstein MD7184374500
Personal Medical Svc7186047242
Peter A D'Arienzo MD7183492020
Peter Pasqua MD7187488660
Peter S Maran MD7182582990
Phyllis Hyde MD7188551124
Physical Medicine7187450002
Physical Therapy Ctr7183893131
Physician Referral Svc-Luth7186307979
Physicians Medical Grp7184366507
Physicians Referral-New York7184992273
Pierre G Zalzal MD7186305622
Pierre Jean-Noel MD7184344434
Pierre Toussaint7187351900
Pitkin Health Ctr7183458900
Placido Morano MD7187439642
Plaza Medical7182096400
Premier Medical Svc7184919515
Presgar Imaging Of Bensonhurst7186455980
Primary Care Medical Office7188597446
Primary Care Network IPA7184372100
Prime Quality Medical Care7182655858
Priscila S Zabala MD7189421380
Pro Medica PC7186457733
Professional Medical Bldg7184393100
Prudence Osei-Tutu MD7188261355
Psychiatry Dept7182406089
Pul-Hung Tam MD7188366600
Pulmonary & Sleep Disorders7188917800
Pushplata Siroya MD7183691983
Quality Health Ctr7183871687
Quentin Medical Group7183390400
R A Rizzuti MD7186254443
R Chery MD7188598808
R K Medical7184990202
R L Medical7183395151
Radiology Associates7183326800
Rafael Victor MD7188519001
Rainbow Health Ctr7184852704
Rainer N Mittl MD7182354600
Rajeev Balmiki MD7187650761
Rakesh Gupta MD7183727434
Rakesh K Dua MD7189682534
Ralph Carmel MD7187803253
Ralph Kiriat MD7188917400
Ralph L Ruggerio MD7188361212
Rami W Atallah MD7186247024
Ramiro A Cadag MD7183391877
Ramon Vallarino MD7187885762
Ramos Tapia2124521111
Rao Miller Assoc7182701692
Raphael Jewelewicz MD7182838616
Raymond L Yung MD7188532346
Rena Khanukayeva DO7183368855
Reuben Hopperstein MD5162284319
Reuben Ingber MD7186277750
Richard A Krugley MD7186254848
Richard Chan MD2126332362
Richard D Snyder MD7183329728
Richard Lewkowicz MD7183833705
Richard Lopchinsky MD7188512797
Richard Luft MD7183324040
Richard Mandelbaum MD7183846365
Richard Storch MD7186773331
Richard V Grazi MD7182838600
Richard Wind MD7183023400
Ridge Orthopedic Assoc7188368888
Rina Gorodetcky MD7186336933
Rivka Y Stein MD7186868400
Robert Alpern MD7188556620
Robert Antar MD7183392111
Robert Dellabadia MD7187451800
Robert E Bennett MD7183322254
Robert Eder MD7186257762
Robert Goodman MD7189722000
Robert Hamlin MD7183631110
Robert J Lev MD7186333131
Robert K Weiser MD7187971101
Robert Kelter MD7187451064
Robert M Freund MD7189651010
Robert Moskowitz MD7189722295
Robert S Rodino MD7187630954
Robert Vitolo MD7188366400
Robert Wilson MD7183301978
Roberto H Anon MD7183885770
Rochelle G Braun MD7182581400
Rockaway Diagnostics7183465388
Rona Appel MD7189962020
Ronald J Walker MD7185221844
Ronald Seminara MD7186808300
Ronald Solomon MD7186254975
Rosemarie St Victor MD7182405881
Rubin Berlinerblau MD7183778047
Rudolph Steven Dr Maimonides7182837670
Rummana Rahman MD7183698191
Rutledge Medical7186248510
S Kalechstein MD7182510210
S P Orthotic Surgical & Medica7186273305
S Thomas Coppola MD7187456464
Sadhis Rivas MD7188366891
Sadhis Rivas MD7186259090
Saeid Shamsian MD7184994100
Said Rateb MD7188338700
Salvatore Presti MD7189231123
Sam Weissman MD7188545100
Sameer Rafela MD7183984883
Samir Malek MD7186807600
Samuel Herschkowitz MD7186246277
Samuel Nodelman MD7188915251
Sandra M Berman MD7187975339
Sanford E Leff MD7187894333
Santo G Fiasconaro MD7187488484
Sasha Abraham MD7189720497
Sasikanth Doddapaneni MD7184994995
Saxena Medical Arts Building7186921120
Sba Management Inc7183988700
Schulman & Fenster7183765437
Sclafani & Vitale7188331808
Scott Postel MD7183890560
Segun B Awosemo MD7186361270
Seong Ja Kim MD7184395057
Sergy A Kalitenko MD7183829200
Seyed Hashemi MD7184534311
Seymour H Perlstein MD7184366368
Shah & Shah7188277562
Shahed Ahmed MD PC7182536660
Sharad Regay MD7187745224
Sharon M Rais MD7188547385
Sheepshead Bay Med Assoc PC7186150162
Sheldon A Rosenthal MD7188213200
Shilimova Yelena Medical7186770670
Shiush Wang MD7188212250
Shivaram Indukala7189217396
Siddaharth Pandya MD7184186040
Sidney Fierst MD7182406295
Sidney Plotkin MD7186921077
Simcha Ben-David MD7184356363
Simeon Jean-Baptiste MD7183980093
Simon H Friedman MD7183392300
Simon Urman MD7184380303
Sinai Diagnostics7186154100
Singh Maan Saluja MD7188274321
SLB Medical Assoc7184693888
Sleep Disorders Ctr7187803017
Slobodan Aleksic MD7184863314
Sol Sobel MD7186309559
Soni Prabhat7187871900
South Shore Pediatric Neurolog7188710301
Special Care Medical Assoc7184210472
Spine Center For Ortho7184354464
Sports Medicine & Orthopedic7188524300
St Marys Hosp Dept Orthopedics7182213118
Standup MRI Of Bensonhurst7183317733
Stanley Lee MD7182406207
Stanley S Lamd Inst For7187801014
Star Medical Offices PC7189344842
STARRETT Ob-Gyn Assoc7186423457
State University-Ny-Brooklyn7182701697
Stella Douros MD7182382336
Stephen Haddad MD7183823385
Stephen J Danziger MD7186383640
Steven Colby MD7189357132
Steven D Herman MD2129646701
Steven Divack MD7186388484
Steven H Blobstein MD7183760500
Steven L Cohn MD7182701531
Steven Weissman MD7188537546
Stuart R Levine DO7183313122
Sudharam Idupuganti MD7189211001
Sumathy Reddy MD7187451901
Summer Avenue Medical Group7184434173
Suny Health Science Ctr7182702234
Susan Levit Medical Ctr7183761004
Susana D Bundoc MD7182411513
Susmita Jasty MD7182583712
Susmita Jasty MD7182324979
Suzannah Berlyne MD7183772327
Swarna B Shah MD7188916060
Sylvester J Cort MD7184435252
T K Park MD7187688111
Tessie Paredes MD7184978400
Thayyullath Bharathan DO7187803246
Thessalonik Angelakos MD7188337600
Thomas Koutelos MD7186221025
Thomas M Papa MD7189637764
Thomas N Koutelos MD7188369550
Thomas Steinmetz MD7184350220
Thomasena Ellison MD7182220393
Tibian Abramovitz MD7182522500
Tjh Medical Svc7182091400
TJH Medical Svc7182405236
Toomas M Sorra MD7188340100
Total Health Care7183890100
Total Professional Med Care7186860755
Traube Marush & Plawes7186334075
Tribeca Dermatology7189963000
Tun Pediatric Ctr7183362499
Uma Paturu-Jayrakr MD7187803262
Union Physician Health7186773700
United Medical7184440950
United Medical Assoc7182327999
United Medical Assoc Pllc7183760222
United Medical Assoc Pllc7182325995
Universal Orthopedics Plc7183690003
Universal Treatment Centers7182466451
University Group Physicians7187481261
University Ny-Brooklyn Health7182454075
University Physicians Group7186483838
University Physicians-Brooklyn7182701584
Up To Date Medical Svc7184211705
V John Mani MD7188550088
Valentin Avanessov MD7188917100
Vanna Morero MD7183661583
Vascular Diagnostic Ctr7182380131
Vascular Diagnostic Inst Of Ny7182837957
Vasilios T Goudas MD7187801972
Vasudev Gabbur MD7184995351
Velentin M Pridatko DO7187240900
Vellore Jayakrishnan MD7187484871
Vento Medical Svc7186305408
Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr7186303724
Vichai Lotonkhum MD7183812121
Victor Fariwa MD7183399438
Vimalson V Monickam MD7182405113
Vincent A Carmusciano MD7187486567
Vladimir Klebanov MD7189988585
Vladimir Melamed MD7182321197
Vladimir Wnuk MD7183893622
W De Los Reyes MD7183450600
Warren J Wexelman MD7183751600
Warren Speilberg MD7188557020
Wayne March MD7187632488
William A Silver MD7182374160
William E M Putman MD7182384097
William I Kestin MD7183321313
William J Scarpa MD7188333692
William M Mc Cormack MD7182701432
William Mackler MD7182405317
Wilner Bonhomme MD7182303345
Wilson Medical Ctr7185746667
Woman's Comprehensive Hlthcr7182098800
Women Medical Health Check Up7187457172
Women's Health & Medical7186213578
Women's Health Of Ny7182665100
Women's Medical Svc Pllc7184852420
Woodhull Med & Mental Hlth Ctr7189637958
Wound Care Assoc Of Brooklyn7182511111
Wound Care Ctr7184511900
Wyckoff Medical Ctr7189637373
Xu Zhang Chen MD7187556450
Yak Sing Ong MD7188595456
Yalamanchi Rao MD7187487551
Yale Enson MD7188752552
Yehudi M Felman MD7182562600
Yelena Shvarts MD7183362914
Yin C Chien MD7186776420
Yonah J Hamlet MD7184380222
Yonel Jean-Brice MD7182846589
Yury F Fayda MD7187430505
Yury Zamdborg MD7183758032
Yvonne Mason PC7186235500
Zaheer Ahmed MD7184569679
Zalman Starosta MD7187431903
Zev Ash MD5165695404
Zinaida Khodosh MD7186337775
Zoya I Vernikova MD7183389660
Zu-Rong Sheu MD7182383376
Zvi Herschman MD7183775595


Irving L Milberg MD
80 Project 32 Rd, Accord, New York (NY), 12404
Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr
113 Holland Ave # C503, Albany, New York (NY), 12208
Yusuf Dincer MD
319 S Manning Blvd, Albany, New York (NY), 12208
St Peter's Health Care Svc
315 S Manning Blvd, Albany, New York (NY), 12208
Community Care Physicians
1365 Washington Ave # 100, Albany, New York (NY), 12206
Fera Frank
1440 Western Ave, Albany, New York (NY), 12203
Upstate Infectious Disease
567 New Scotland Ave # 1, Albany, New York (NY), 12208